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The Juniper Tree (1990)

The Juniper Tree: Margit and her older sister, Katla, flee their homeland in Iceland after their mother is killed for practicing witchcraft. Needing a place to stay, Katla casts a spell over a young farmer named Jˇhann which makes him fall in love with her, ensuring the wellbeing of herself and Margit. Jˇhanns son, Jˇhas, sees through Katlas plan and pleads for his father to make her go away. To help Jˇhas in his struggle, Margits mother appears to Margit in visions and provides a magic amulet of protection for the boy. Will Jˇhas be able to rid his family of Katla or will she continue to control them with her witchcraft?

Duration: 78 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 1990

Rating: 6