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Meet the Elephant Man

Meet the Elephant Man: Joseph Merrick was, for much of his lifetime was regarded as a freak, a sideshow exhibit, a figure of derision. However, because of the unique friendship of one man his legend endures the legend of the Elephant Man lives on. On the 120th anniversary of Merrick’s death, and the 30th anniversary of the David Lynch film about his life, a team of experts have brought Joseph Merrick back to life. With exclusive access to his skeleton – for possibly the last time due to its fragility – they have been able to recreate it in the virtual world and use this as a basis for modelling work – using photographs, measurements, casts and first-hand accounts – that puts flesh onto Merrick’s bones. How did he move? How did he speak? And, most intriguingly, how did he die? Also, accompanying the team will be Brian Richards, a modern-day sufferer of Proteus Syndrome: the disease that turned Joseph Merrick into the Elephant Man. It’s a hugely personal journey for Brian who is just a year younger than Merrick was when he died – and feels that this is his chance to find the answers he has been seeking about his own future.

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Richard Lintern

Director: Mark Radice

Country: UK


Quality: HD

Release: 2011

Rating: 8