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Machida-Do Karate for MMA Volume 1 (2009)

Machida-Do Karate for MMA Volume 1: In DVD1, Movement and Fundamental Strikes, Machida breaks down the foundation of his fighting system through descriptive narrative, multiple camera angles, and slow motion sequences. In the movement section, he teaches everything from basic footwork to complex pivot turns, and then demonstrates how these movements can be used for both offense and defense. In the striking section, he teaches you how to throw vicious punches, devastating kicks, ruthless elbow strikes, and brutal knee strikes on both the pads and an opponent. He also details the range, target, timing, and proper angle of entry for each strike. With these unique movements and strikes being the foundation of the Machida-Do system, this DVD is a must have for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Genre: Sport





Quality: HD

Release: 2009

Rating: 10