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The Frog Prince (1994)

The Frog Prince: he Frog Prince (1971) may not be like the Disney version, but this story is one of Kermitís favorites because most of the characters are frogs, including Prince Robin (Gordon Thomson). Okay, we get it, Robin. You donít have to sing your story every time you meet an enemy. King Goshposh returns as King Rupert II and Tamminella returns as the wicked witch who turns the prince into a frog. Uh oh. Sounds like typecasting here, especially for Tamminella because she was never featured again after this tale, but Iím getting ahead of myself. Princess Malora (Trudy Young) is also under an enchantment by Tamminella. She talks backwards like Cinderella was Rendercilla. Malora knows how to defeat the witch and break the spell, but no one can understand her.

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Quality: HD

Release: 1994

Rating: 8